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Training for job interviews in English, intensive or long term. Build your CV in English. Know the most used questions in an interview in English. Know how to answer those questions. Talk about your work experience in English. Negotiate safely.

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Our courses in Valencia are group courses or individual classes that are provided according to the needs of each student. The way of teaching, taught by bilingual teachers, is communicative, practical and fun, and will motivate students to continuously improve

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Classes at La Patacona beach

Spanish courses tailored to all needs and ages: Our spacious and bright salon is located right opposite the beach . For small groups or individual lessons for those who are traveling , for business, for work, for social activities ,

Learn Spanish at Centro de idiomas “Beach and Languages”

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We are based in Valencia, opposite the beach, where we provide tuition in small groups for all ages and levels. Also I will help you to find nice language exchange groups as well as bars and pubs where you could meet new friends.

Fully qualified and experienced native Spanish speaking tutors, will help you fulfill your aims, whether you need to learn the basic language for traveling and leisure or you want to develop your Advanced language skills. We also offer Spanish courses for business.

Why should you learn Spanish?

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. Over 450 million people speak it as their first language.

Spanish is the official language in 23 countries and also is one of the 5 official Languages of the United Nations.

Spanish opens doors to all the other languages through its Latin roots. Learners of Spanish find it easier to acquire Portuguese, French, and Italian and Catalan subsequently. (Referring to phonology, Grammar and Orthography)

Spanish is the key to communication with the world today, and the route to vast array of professional and business opportunities all over the world. It could also be the key to a new life.