Learn SPANISH in an interesting way.
In Beach and Languages ​​ Spanish classes have a different style. We always go beyond the typical lessons: grammar, vocabulary, listening … they are good, they are necessary, but sometimes you need other things… Based on the experience of our courses throughout years of teaching, we have developed activities to practice Spanish in a relaxed way, learning and having fun at the same time, we find it interesting.
To achieve this, we have created different activities: it is about having an immersion in Spanish through practice and having different classes, making the most of being in a Spanish speaking country.
Activities are dinners or lunches, trips to different places in Valencia, excursions to other cities as well as meetings in different bars to speak Spanish all the time and also singing in Spanish, traditional Karaoke.
Another activity is the “Role Play”. This is probably the favourite activity of our students. With this activity we represent different characters and roles, it’s like doing small performances, games about speaking, and group dynamics .It is like being in the theatre which is extremely beneficial for learning the language: pronunciation, self-confidence when you speak, the difference in language use, most used phrases … are points that work, and help so amazing performance with Spanish language skills.