Types of courses
  • Business English: English course for business and companies
    Training for job interviews in English, intensive or long term.

    • Build your CV in English.
    • Know the most used questions in an interview in English.
    • Know how to answer those questions.
    • Talk about your work experience in English.
    • Negotiate safely.
    • Talk on the phone without fear and in a self-sufficient way.
    • Handle grammar with a complex structure using different verb tenses and ‘phrasal verbs’.
    • Learn to feel trust and proximity in conversations with native professionals and non-native English speakers.
    • Express yourself in a clear and fluid way.
  • Individual courses – classes on the beach
    For a single person with flexible schedules, intensive or long term.
  • Group courses – classes on the beach
    A minimum of 5 students always of the same level. Intensive or long term classes.
  • Online courses
    Lessons of 50 minutes by Skype for all levels or by phone in the case of advanced students.

English courses for all levels and ages.Bandera Inglesa
Tailored English courses adapted to all needs and ages:
For small groups, or individual classes, for those who are traveling, for business, for work, for social activities, to use the language in recreation, for your vacations, for support classes, and to pass your exams.

The courses are taught in your company, your office, your home, or in our resort on the beautiful beach of La Patacona.
You can also take Online classes.

Course duration:
(Long term or intensive in a few weeks)
Teaching hours: 12, 24, 48 and 60 hours per month.
Days: Monday to Saturday for long-term courses

  • Initial
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
Courses with accommodation

We can also provide accommodation in family homes, in hotels, hostels, etc. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.
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Our courses in Valencia are group courses or individual classes that are provided according to the needs of each student. The form of teaching, taught by bilingual teachers, is communicative, practical and fun, and will motivate students to continuously improve learning.

Although we attach great importance to oral expression, to understanding language and pronunciation; Grammar, vocabulary and exercises are included and taught in all lessons. Students will learn with role play, reading, comprehension, through listening to audios, watching videos and commenting on them.

You can start a course any day of the week, throughout the year. This allows you to start your program as soon as you decide and need it.

We offer the highest level of English courses in Valencia, at all levels for executives, professionals and international students.
The levels and groups are carefully organized. We always guarantee this aspect. For group classes, all students must take a placement test, oral and written. This is very important for us, to provide the best service and in order to determine the level of the course where the student will be enrolled.
Students without prior knowledge will be enrolled without exam, directly in the beginner or beginner course.