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We are evolving in a society where learning languages has become essential. Currently there are many methods that help us in a linguistic immersion, with more or less success, and we must take into account that the progress of  students in their non-native language, such as Spanish, will depend on each one, since no two students are alike.

From Beachandlanguages.com, we use a personalized method for each student regardless of age. The method was created by Alicia Pollola, from her more than 30 years of experience in Argentina, England, and now in Spain! It helps students to fully enter in the Spanish culture.

Learning a language, not only goes through the study of its phonetics, grammar and vocabulary, but also from the knowledge of the culture that created it, and evolved.

Alicia Pollola, provides this extra knowledge that students need, in order to have more information to help them to learn and communicate in Spanish, in any Spanish-speaking country and any situation.

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There is no age to start using the Spanish language: For students, retired people, Teachers, Engineers, Doctors. The most varied public can and should have access to learn Spanish, to be able to evolve in professional projects, to have access to larger studies, to be able to watch tv series and movies.

Learning Spanish helps you access more knowledge, expand your social relationships, and above all know other cultures.

Learning Spanish in your area is very easy.

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Learning Spanish Valencia, also helps you enjoy an exceptional city in climate and people, very rich in social activities and language exchange groups to which Alicia Pollola will help you to integrate by guiding you in the advantages of this new language.

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