Students begin to understand and speak the Spanish language as soon as possible accompanied by an intensive learning method,with a grammatical base developed within a communicative context.


Our method is designed especially for foreign (English, Italian, Russian or Portuguese speakers) students and we emphasize communication by using much interaction.

Covering all aspects of intensive learning: speaking, listening, writing and reading skills, with vocabulary, exercises, role plays, dictations and pronunciation.

Intensive Spanish Courses are aimed at people who already know the language and want to expand and improve their pronunciation and conversation skills.

High-quality Spanish programs are specially designed for foreign students and are taught in Spanish, achieving the maximum comprehension of the Spanish language.

We work with books, workbooks, pictures, and audios designed for intensive and progressive listening comprehension of Spanish grammar and its uses in speech.

We guarantee a permanent supervision of each student, from the first day of classes, with reduced groups. This allows the adjustment of the course to the needs and progress of each student.

Métodos Aprendizaje 02

Our aims are your achivements:

    • Be fearless learning a new language.
    • Banish shyness and be confident using your new language.
    • Learning by the technique of “Association Mode”.
    • Understand the structure of the language.
    • Use it to converse, read, write, listen, ask and answer in many situations.
    • Apply your newly acquired language skills to all aspects of your life.